Autotelic Index: Metric of Fun and the User Experience

In 2011, the Australian Computer Society Inc (Tan and Chou) presented 3 important dimensions of the Autotelic Personality:
  1. Personal Innovativeness,
  2. Self-Efficacy, and
  3. Control.
 These dimensions seem to describe people who already know how to have fun. Why should we ignore those who are not naturally autotelic? Everyone should have fun, and it is the game designer’s responsibility to make it fun even for non-autotelic personalities.
We measure our games using the Autotelic Index (AI). It is a metric for the game not the player. It is useful because we have more control over how the game plays than who plays it. More importantly, we want more people to have fun playing our game.
An AI = 1 means that people will play it on their own time for free without rewards. AI > 1 means they will pay to play it. AI < 1 means they need additional motivation to play it. AI < 0 means they need to be paid to play it. The goal is to make games that have at least a non-zero AI, but the ideal would be one or more. Can you rate your daily activities using this index?

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